Here we go with google docs!

I’ve gotten two Google Sheets started for Pre-Algebra.  The first one, Saxon to Khan Concepts, goes through our textbook and links each lesson to one or more Khan Academy topics.  Just click the link to go to a video, activity, or list of both.  You can use this if you’re stuck on a particular concept.  Math builds, so if you aren’t sure about something now, it’s probably going to make it that much harder down the line.  All of you students have permission to change the spreadsheet, which means you can add other resources you find online (we will do some of this in class), or post questions you have about the material. 

Saxon to Khan Concepts

If anyone else is using Saxon’s Algebra 1/2: An Incremental Development 3rd edition 2004 (ISBN 1-56577-149-4), this might be a helpful resource.  There are comments within the sheet that explain various features.  

The other Google Sheet we will be using goes problem-by-problem with links to Khan Academy.  I’m not quite ready to roll it out yet, so try to contain your excitement while you wait!  


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