Here’s where it gets granular…

It's a sweet spreadsheet of mathy knowledge.

Here’s our old standby, the Saxon to Khan Academy Concepts google sheet.

So by now we’ve all seen and marvelled at the amazing Saxon to Khan Concepts google sheet.  It has it all: a list of Saxon topics by lesson number, links to Khan Academy topics and activities, and a place for you to add extra resources as you come across them.  Truly, a marvel of modern technology.

Well, hold on to your socks, because we have some unveiling to do.

That’s right, you guessed it, the long awaited Saxon to Khan by Problem Number google sheet.

Google sheet with Khan links by Saxon problem number.

You can tell it’s different because half of the cells are blue, not purple.

It’s pretty straightforward, but I thought I would go into detail about some of the features in case you are so excited about Pre-Algebra that you want to read lengthy blog posts about it in addition to actually doing the math.

The Saxon to Khan by Problem Number sheet is similar to the Concept sheet, but with three important differences.

Difference 1. Saxon broken down by individual problem numbers. This is an organizational difference. I’ve pulled out the topic for each set of related problems.  This varies from one problem to five or six.

Difference 2. No “Topics” allowed. Since you have a question about a specific problem number, I have linked to a specific activity or video.  If you have a specific question, you won’t have to hunt around within a topic for the material that matches up with that question.  Please let me know if a particular activity or topic is helpful or not – tell me in class, leave a comment on the google sheet, or comment on the blog.  Since Saxon repeats and cycles back frequently, some of the links are the same, but I try to mix it up (my thought being that if an activity didn’t help the first time, maybe a video will the second).

Difference 3. Faded Support. That’s my way of saying, if you haven’t figured it out after four lessons, you’re going to have to do a modicum of work to find Khan content that matches up with Saxon.  If you see a blank space next to a “Problems and Topics” it means that it has been more than four lessons since that topic has been introduced, so I’m not putting in a link to Khan content.  You can either search Khan Academy itself, or go back through the Sheet to find a link that will help.

Alright, have at it!  Enjoy!


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