Day One!

Well, I set a student’s desk on fire in Chemistry (…intentionally!), and in 8th grade Physical Science we made paper airplanes.  I wish I’d had the wherewithal to take a photo of said airplanes, but my mind was elsewhere!

The airplanes were actually my best idea for the day. I tried to give the students as few “hints” as possible to get them used to an inquiry approach.  I told them that my rules were to be safe and to measure distance and speed on their trials, and I mostly let them work it out from there.  They got a little stuck when I told them we didn’t have any speedometers in the science lab (I’m sure they meant radar guns, but we don’t have any of those either), but eventually they asked for stopwatches, which we have!

I’ve decided to go with Google Classroom instead of Edmodo, and I love it!  Since we use google docs as a school and the kids all have a school google account, it seems to be a perfect fit.  I am so looking forward to day two!


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