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3/3 on a daily homework quiz over slope.

Two weeks deep!

Well, we have officially completed two weeks of Pre-Algebra.  Highlights include our first test, a Khan Academy introduction, and a whole new way of grading homework! 

3/3 on a daily homework quiz over slope.

A 3/3 is attainable by anyone and everyone.

Just to go over it again, here is how homework will be graded in our class.  Almost every day, the even problems from one lesson in our textbook will be assigned.  This is almost always 15 problems (1-30 even).  You are given from 10-20 minutes at the end of each class to get started on the homework.  The answers to all homework sets are located in a manilla folder at the back of our classroom.  You are welcome to come and check answers at any time during the school day.  If there is a concept you don’t get, you can check on which Khan Academy topic matches that concept using the Saxon to Khan Concepts google sheet discussed in the previous post.  Once class begins, the answers are posted, and you are encouraged to make corrections and ask questions.  Then, your teachers will select three problems from the assignment, which you must answer on a half-sheet of paper and turn in.  This is where your grade comes from.  Each homework quiz is worth three points.  

This is different from how homework has been graded in the past.  It means you have to understand how to do each and every problem, in case that problem is chosen for the daily quiz.  However, you have ample opportunity to ask questions and get help if you don’t understand something.  Let’s summarize those opportunities: 

  1. Asking questions in class when the new content is being taught the first time. 
  2. Asking questions in class when you have time to work on your homework. 
  3. Checking the Saxon to Khan Concepts google sheet at home or in study hall. 
  4. Checking the brand new Saxon to Khan by Problem Number google sheet (to be discussed in detail in a future post).
  5. Finding either of your two teachers during the day to ask questions.  Collectively, we are available 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 8th.  The only time one of us is not available is 4th hour and 7th hour – when we are in class with you!  
  6. Getting the answer key from the classroom at any time during the school day to check your work.
  7. Asking questions in class when we correct the homework immediately before the homework quiz.  

Did you notice I didn’t even include the traditional “ask a friend/family member” and “google it” options?  You have so many ways you can be successful with each and every homework problem.  I know that this change in procedure might take some getting used to, but this was a change that was made with your best interests at heart.   Your teachers are hoping that by having to show your understanding of a sample of questions each day, you will make a greater effort to understand the concepts.  It will help you in Algebra next year!  

Edit: 9/8 Fixed the Saxon to Khan by Problem Number link.  Hooray!